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Biological Nutrient Removal Technology

Multiple technologies can be used to create the specific zones of operation. Traditional extended aeration systems are all mixing limited, therefore mixing requirements are needed to suspend the MLSS. Typical MLSS range is 2,500-5000 ppm. The technology we use most frequently for BNR is the Schreiber Technology.

Schreiber Technology has BNR benefits since no dedicated selector basins are required for normal domestic strength wastewater. System design is a 24-hour volume with aeration on/off blowers and the bridge mixing the basin 24/7. Additional benefits of Schreiber are as follows:
- BNR without anoxic or anaerobic basins
- Blowers on/off depending on system load
- Dissolved Oxygen control monitored
- Specific Nitrate, Ammonia and Phosphorus monitoring for level most stringent permits
- Hot dipped galvanized to eliminate painting
- Retrievable diffusers for easy maintenance
- Retrievable clarifiers scraper blades for easy maintenance
- Blowers on max 16 hours/day

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