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Above Grade Vacuum Prime and Self-Priming Pump Stations

Originally designed for individual subdivisions and small communities, the above
grade life station has been popuar for many years. Situated directly over the wetwell,
the suction pipes extend into the sewage from the pump station. Typical pumping
rates are up to 600-750GPM for a 500-600 home community.

As sewage fills the wetwell, a vacuum pumps 'sucks' up sewage to the pump. A
water sensing probe confirms the pump is primed, and the pump starts.

An alternate for a top-mounted design is a self-priming station. The above grade
'self-priming' station uses the pump design itself to prime the pump. While this
style of pump seems simpler, it has poor efficiency and increased O&M costs.

Rags plugging a pump can be a maintenance issue. The use of a vortex impeller
eliminates impeller plugging.

Proper applications include:
Subdivision developments, smaller towns, pumping to WWTP and schools.

Pump Design Details    

Size ranges: 4"-6"
Flows to more than 1,000GPM
HP: 2HP to 50HP
Discharge Pressure: 250'
Bearing Life: 100,000 hours
Seals: Tungsten or Silicon Carbide

Motor: Class H Insulation for continuous duty
Motor: TEFC or ODP
Voltage: 208/230/480VAC or higher
Impellers: Multiple styles available
  Site Design Details:
Wetwell Diameter: 5'-8'
Wetwell Depth: Up to 20'
Forcemain Size: Not less than 4"