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Dry-Pit Type Submersible Grinder Pumps

A concrete pump or buried steel package lift stations have been used for very large stations and
older design stations. Pump selection flooding potential must be considered - we have pumps
for both dry or potential flooded areas.

Traditional (Vertical or Horizontal)
Installations are flooded suction pumps. The flooded suction style pump with the TEFC or
immersible motors allows flexibility and ease of maintenance. Solids handling non-clog
type pump is the main application for these pumping systems. Maintenance for seal and motor
inspection is simple for these pumps. A concern of flooding of the pumping area needs to
be considered.

Submersible (Vertical):
Areas that occasionally flood need to be properly designed with flood pumps. A submersible
dry-pit pump is the proper selection. A stainless steel jacket and impeller is used to recirculate
a glycol solution around the motor and transfer motor heat to the sewage. That non-sewage
cooling lamp remains clean and efficient. All controls and electrical components are
maintained above the flood elevation and the pumps are ready regardless of the flood condition.

Pump Design Details    
Size ranges: 4"-30"
Flows to 100-30,000 GPM
HP: 2HP to 2,000HP
Discharge Pressure: 250'
Bearing Life: 100,000+ hours
Motor: Class H Insulation for continuous duty
Motor: Non-overloading entire curve
Voltage: 208/230/460VAC, 3ph
Impellers: Multivane, recessed or screw Impeller
Seals: Silicon Carbide
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