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Wet-Pit Type Submersible Solids Handling Non-Clog

Submersible pumps have become the 'industry standard' for wastewater pumping.
The pump is located beneath the water for a compact low cost installation with an
outside valve vault. These pumps can range from 2HP to 2,000HP depending on
the duty conditions required.

Seal and thermal monitoring relays are used to provide continual pump conditions
into the controls. Hatches are located above, allowing removal of the pump(s) from
the discharge liftout elbow.

Applications include large and small pumps for collections systems and influent to
WWTP facilities. Wet-pit submersible pumps are a cost effective installation for cities
and developers to remove sewage from the site. Non-clog pumps pup everything
into the forcemain so that bulky and stringy material is removed at the WWTP
headworks screening. Proper impeller selections improbe performance and reduce

Applications include:
Subdivision pump station, major pump station in collection system; influent to WWTP

Pump Design Details    
Size ranges: 3'' to 30''
Flows to 30,000 GPM
HP: 2HP to 2,000HP
Discharge Pressure: 250'
Bearing Life: 100,000 hours
Seals: Tungsten or Silicon Carbide
Motor: Class H Insulation for continuous duty
Motor: Non-overloading entire curve
Voltage: 208/230/480 VAC or higher
Impellers: Multiple styles available
Pump Cord: Multi-barrier protection to prevent
water intrusion

Site Design Details
Wetwell Diameter: Typically 5'-8'
Wetwell Depth: Up to 50'
Hoist: Electric preferred
Rails: 304 Stainless Steel - sch 40 pipe
Intermediate Brackets: Over 20' wetwell depth
Guide Brackets: Dual Rail (stainless steel)
Hatch: Aluminum with spring-loaded assist
Forcemain Size: Not less than 4"

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