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UV Service Overview:


Enviro-Line prides itself on supporting existing old and new installations for area clients. Our service people and electrical technicians are factory trained for multiple brands of UV disinfection equipment.

Service and maintenance contracts are available for both seasonal and non-seasonal installations. Pre-season startup service is suggested at approximately March 1st for seasonal disinfection installations to confirm proper operation prior to regulatory requirements.

Service work includes, for example, checking voltages, lamp and ballast connections and flow meter inputs. On-Call 24/7 service support is available in-case of emergency.

Mechanical and Electrical Service

Additional service contracts are also availabe for more general installations such as pump stations and treatment plant mechanical equipment. Pump stations include vacuum prime, submersible non-clog or grinder pumps and self-priming stations.

Our service technicans can provide a turnkey retrofit of the station including mechanical and electrical installation.

A Preventative Maintenance Contract' is an inexpensive method for clients to maintain their equipment.