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Pump Service Overview:


Enviro-Line focuses on the end-use customer for service and support. Staff reductions for clients have not reduced pump station and equipment maintenance. E-L developed a PMC program for clients to be able to maintain their equipment with reduced staff and minimize costs. Our PMC and emergency 24/7 service allows the client to manage their equipment with minimal staff while maintaining equipment operations.

A PMC contract is an inexpensibe prescheduled maintenance visit on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis to review the pump station electrical and mechanical operations. We repair the simple items and coordinate upgrades and major repairs with city budgets. Our service technicians are electrically and mechanically qualified to manage the toughest tasks.

Control Panels for Pump Stations
Electrical controls are required for the pump station. As projects become larger, the controls become more complicated to include VFD, Soft Starters, PLC controllers, SCADA Systems, etc. Unless the client has a technician familiar with each of these items, it is difficult to understand each component of a major lift station. Fortunately, our staff can assist in the proper maintenance and operation of the controls.

In addition, many power companies require any motor over 15-20HP to have electronic starters as compared to the FVNR starters. The reason is to reduce the voltage drop on larger HP startup amp draw which reduces/eliminates the 'brown out' condtions for local residences.

Shop Repair and Field Retrofit
Our shop is factory authorized for several pump manufactures to rebuild and test pumps before reinstalling. Our service crews can provide a complete electrical and mechanical rebuild/retrofit for any type of stations with current technology and improved performance.