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Changing Lamps
Features: Since the lamps contain a consumable mercury, at the 12-15,000+
hours of lamp life the lamp will need to be changed. WEDECO design does
not require removing the quartz sleeve to access the lamp.

Benefits: A dual expandable 'O' ring lamp connector is used which loosens
when the operator simply twists the connector. This allows the lamp to slide
directly from the quartz sleeve without removing the quartz sleeve. Replacing
the lamp is simply sliding the new lamp into the quartz sleeve and tightening
the end connector.

  Changing Lamps

Changing Ballasts
Features: Ballasts located inside of an electrical cabinet inside of an air
conditioned building.

Benefits: Ballasts can be monitored and changed in about one minute
versus several hours with competitors. Ballasts have LED lights which
allow operators to monitor exactly which lamp/ballast failed after review
of the HMI.

Ballast cards can be changed like a computer video card in a home
computer. Easy and simple.

Lamp cables are wired all the way back to the ballast card. This allows
operations personnel to test lamp continuity from inside the building -
diagnosing the exact cause of lamp outage (lamp or ballast).

  Changing Ballasts
  Pneumatic Wiper System
Features: Wiper movement is initiated by compressed air, not electric motors or hydraulic rams.

Benefits: Each module has a pneumatic cylinder just under the top of the module. This cylinder provides a simple back and forth action of the non-chemical wiper to remove any build-up.

The Teflon 'slinky' wiper parts do not scratch or break the quartz sleeve. Local proximity switches provide PLC feedback to monitor wiper movement.
  Pneumatic Wiper