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UV Disinfection Overview

UV disinfection is an effective method to remove coliform and microorganisms by providing
a specific wavelength of light. That 254 nanameter (nm) light wavelength is invisible to the
naked eye, but penetrates the cell wall to disrupt microbe DNA. Disturbed DNA does not
allow the microbe to reproduce.

WEDECO provided the low-pressure, high outlamp lamp technology which is the most
efficient system with the advantages of self-cleaning sleeves. The leader in the industry
a summary of the features and benefits are listed below.

Design Feature Competitor WEDECO
Changing lamps
Changing ballast
Safety switch on module
Flooding module
Module change lamp time
Self-supporting module
Wiper system
Factory trained service
Operators like better
Remove sleeve
Remove lots of components
Chemical required
Not available
Can destroy electronics
20-30 minutes/lamp
Not available
Hydraulically acutated
One person
Only remove lamp
Change ballast < 1 minute
No chemical required, teflon 'slinky'
Yes. Prevents operator exposure to light
No major damage, no electronics on module
< 5 minutes/lamp
Yes. Standard for storage
Pneumatically operated
Five local KS/MO area
Operator's choice

Examples of local installations:

Horton, KS
Spring Hill, KS
Rockaway Beach, MO
Seaboard Corporation
Baldwin City, KS
Basehor, KS

1 MGD trickling filter effluent
5 MGD activated sludge effluent
2 MGD activated sludge effluent
3 MGD activated sludge poultry plant
3 MGD activated sludge effluent
3 MGD activated sludge effluent

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